Cycle Charting for Active Women

Virtual coaching with a certified fertility awareness educator specializing in fitness & performance to help active women become faster, stronger, and healthier + achieve their fertility goals.

Johnna Wilford, FAE, CPT Fitness, Fertility & Reproductive Health Expert

Hi, I’m Johnna! I am a wife, mama and certified fertility awareness educator, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. I am passionate about women’s health and fitness. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting/getting back to exercise, I am happy you are here.

Most nutrition and training and health programs do not account for the menstrual cycle, where there are large, repetitive changes in hormone levels. This often means women are doing the wrong training, eating the wrong food, not reaching their full potential, and/or suffering from hormonal problems that affect their cycle and fertility. And that is why I decided to teach women how to work WITH their physiology instead of against it.


Private Coaching

Group Program

Self-Paced Course


What Clients Are Saying

This coaching has helped me have confidence in understanding my health…Johnna was really helpful, understanding, and worked with my schedule. Thanks for being an empowering teacher!


This coaching was super helpful and effective, and it made such a difference! I learned so much and I’m so thankful to have found Johnna. I feel a sense of freedom that I can learn from my body moving forward.


The things Johnna taught me have helped me learn more about my body than I ever knew. And fertility awareness is something I will be using ALL MY LIFE to make informed decisions and to know my body well.




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I have a couple options of how we can work together so you can choose the best fit for you and your health + fertility journey.