Workout Moves You Can Do at the Office

Exercise can often seem inconvenient. You may need special attire or equipment. And there’s always the problem of time. How can you find any time to change clothes, work up a sweat, and then clean yourself off? You already have to worry about getting things done for work, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with friends and family!

Well, how about fitting in time during the workday to exercise? Many of the moves that I teach in my pilates classes can be done in regular clothes and don’t cause you to sweat any more than you already do during a stressful meeting. So, if you need a boost during the day, simply close your office door (if you have one), choose a few or all of these moves, and get moving! Even if you don’t have an office door, maybe your co-workers will want to join in!

Published by Johnna Wilford

I'm Johnna, a group fitness instructor, fertility awareness teacher, and bookworm.

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