Looking to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control? Here are Three Options

I was put on the pill when I was 16 – not because I was sexually active and wanted to prevent pregnancy, but because I experienced horrible cramps during my period. When I went off the pill in college, those horrible cramps came back.

Even though the pill helped with my cramps, I stopped taking it because there were unwanted side effects from using a hormonal contraceptive, which I thought were worse. Personally, I experienced depression when I was taking the pill, but I know that other women experience different problems from their hormonal contraception.

I was able to get rid of my cramps without the pill through diet and lifestyle changes, and with fertility awareness. It took a little longer, but I thought it was well worth feeling mentally like myself again. Plus, I could use fertility awareness to avoid or achieve pregnancy without any side effects once I got married.

If you’re also experiencing unpleasant side effects from your hormonal contraceptive, I want you to know that there are natural methods available – and they work.

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