About Me
Johnna Wilford, Fertility Awareness Educator, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Hi, I’m Johnna! I’m a wife and mama and certified fertility awareness educator, who is passionate about women’s health and fitness.

Like many women, I went on hormonal birth control when I was in high school because of painful periods. I did not realize how important ovulation was to my overall health and wellbeing. When I learned about cycle charting, I fell in love with the biomarkers our bodies give us every single day that point to our health.

My background is in medical anthropology, which means that I study women in a holistic way. I want to help you know your body, and know your self. That’s the only way that you can thrive.

My Training
Education + Credentials

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Alabama

M.A. Medical Anthropology, University of Alabama

MBA, School of Enterprise Management and Social Impact

Certified FEMM Teacher, Fertility Education and Medical Management

Training in SymptoPro

Certified Personal Trainer, FiTour

Certified Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA

Certified Running Coach, RRCA

Various fitness format certifications (POP Pilates, HIGH Fitness, HIGH Low, HIGH Yo, UpBeat Barre, Surge Strength)