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Hey there. I’m Johnna Wilford. I’m a writer, speaker, and wellness coach for active millennial women. I’m the host of the newest podcast, the Well Life.

Every week, I’ll be sharing quick wellness tips that will help you love your body, love yourself, and live life well. These are strategies that work for me, for the clients I work with, and that I’ve learned through all of my research over the years.

I am passionate about wellness because it’s what gives us the vitality and energy we need to make the world a better place, to do work that we enjoy, and to nurture our relationships with the ones we love. I’ve tried thousands of things in my own wellness journey since I was in college almost ten years ago. And I’m fascinated with learning how people experience health and wellbeing in their own lives.

What I’ve learned is that focusing on diets and exercise, or even just focusing on preventing disease, is not enough when it comes to being well. Lifestyle, spirituality and religion, social connections, resilience, emotional and mental health, finances, sense of self, purpose and meaning, creativity…it all goes into living life well.

So I believe it’s time to usher in a new generation of wellness. One that’s focused on fostering wellbeing in the moment, and on really understanding how each person experiences health. Because health and wellness are not one size fits all. But everyone can try different things to figure out what works for them.

And so we’ll be covering it all. Work, family, friendships, and of course, diet and exercise. I can’t give you the answers about how to be well, but each episode will give you something to try in your own life, or a new way of thinking about your wellness journey, so that you can find the answers for yourself. One wellness tip at a time.

So start your wellness journey with the Well Life podcast, available each Monday morning. Find it on Apple podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. To make sure you don’t miss the first episode, you can subscribe to my newsletter. Not only will you get an email when the first podcast is live, but you’ll also get a free guide to kick your sugar habit, monthly 4-day wellness challenges, and two research-backed articles sent straight to your inbox every month. Just head on over to my website at johnnawilford.com and subscribe to my email list.

I look forward to meeting you. Together, we’re going to love our bodies and love ourselves.

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