Book Review: Bookshop by the Bay

Bookshop by the Bay by Pamela M. Kelley is a women’s fiction novel set on Cape Cod. It has four main characters: Jess and Allison, and their daughters Caitlin and Julia. Jess and Allison are childhood friends from the Cape, although Jess has been living in Charleston, South Carolina for her adult life. After sheContinue reading “Book Review: Bookshop by the Bay”

New group fitness certification!

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to announce that I have been certified in yet another group fitness format – HIGH Yo! What is HIGH Yo? It’s the latest format from HIGH Fitness, which I’ve been certified in since 2020 (yes, that was a pandemic purchase for me haha). The website describes HIGH Yo as: YogaContinue reading “New group fitness certification!”

Book Review: The Starless Sea

Goodread Synopsis: Zachary Ezra Rawlins is a graduate student in Vermont when he discovers a mysterious book hidden in the stacks. As he turns the pages, entranced by tales of lovelorn prisoners, key collectors, and nameless acolytes, he reads something strange: a story from his own childhood. Bewildered by this inexplicable book and desperate toContinue reading “Book Review: The Starless Sea”

Book Review: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation⁣

Goodreads synopsis: Deciding that true romantic heroes are a thing of the past, Eloise Kelly, an intelligent American who always manages to wear her Jimmy Choo suede boots on the day it rains, leaves Harvard’s Widener Library bound for England to finish her dissertation on the dashing pair of spies the Scarlet Pimpernel and theContinue reading “Book Review: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation⁣”

Book Review: Dating Dr. Dil

Goodreads Synopsis: Kareena Mann dreams of having a love story like her parents, but she prefers restoring her classic car to swiping right on dating apps. When her father announces he’s selling her mother’s home, Kareena makes a deal with him: he’ll gift her the house if she can get engaged in four months. HerContinue reading “Book Review: Dating Dr. Dil”

Looking to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control? Here are Three Options

I was put on the pill when I was 16 – not because I was sexually active and wanted to prevent pregnancy, but because I experienced horrible cramps during my period. When I went off the pill in college, those horrible cramps came back. Even though the pill helped with my cramps, I stopped takingContinue reading “Looking to Ditch Hormonal Birth Control? Here are Three Options”

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Next Fitness Goal

Summer is here, which means that some of us may be thinking about how we can keep on track with our fitness goals. While the weather is often better for exercising in the summer (except in those areas with blazing heat and humidity), the frequency of barbecues, pool parties, and general social activities with friendsContinue reading “5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Next Fitness Goal”

Workout Moves You Can Do at the Office

Exercise can often seem inconvenient. You may need special attire or equipment. And there’s always the problem of time. How can you find any time to change clothes, work up a sweat, and then clean yourself off? You already have to worry about getting things done for work, cooking healthy meals, and spending time withContinue reading “Workout Moves You Can Do at the Office”

Fitness Websites for Building Muscle at Home

One of the most common pushbacks I hear as a health and wellness coach for millennial women might not be the one that you expect. “I’m too intimidated to go to the gym. I have no idea what I’m doing!” Yep, that’s right. Self-esteem can often be the biggest issue that stops a woman fromContinue reading “Fitness Websites for Building Muscle at Home”

4 Reasons to Exercise That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss

As a running coach, I see a lot of people who are motivated to start running during the holidays or New Year because they want to lose weight. They think that losing the pounds will improve their lives significantly. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in a healthy weight range, depending primarily onContinue reading “4 Reasons to Exercise That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss”