Class Review: Core and More at Wildfire Yoga

Last Lexington fitness class review of January! Wow, time has already flown by, hasn’t it?!

The Scoop:

Wildfire Yoga was another studio that actually offered me a free class after that saw that I was doing these reviews. I have to say - just this simple thing makes me really like this studio and the last studio that did that (Cadence). As a Millennial, my impression of a place grows exponentially if they actually interact with me on social media. My husband would say I’m a marketer’s dream in that regard. I’m not ashamed.

Disclaimer: I try really hard to keep my own opinions out of these reviews because what works for me might not work for you. I’m just here to give you an un-biased look at what a class entails and you can decide if it works for you. I want you to get out and EXPLORE Lexington - by sweating in it. That being said, I will always let you know what I thought of a workout if you ask me directly.

Here we go!

The Deets:

Core and More at Wildfire Yoga

250 Walton Ave., Suite 156, Lexington, KY 40502

Website || Facebook || Instagram

Drop ins $15 or $10 for students or military. Cheaper packages also available.

Core and More is on Tuesday nights from 5:45 to 6:45.

The Studio:

This isn’t a studio with all of the bells and whistles. It’s in the Warehouse District off Winchester Road, which means it was sort of hard to find. I had to go onto National Road and take a right into a back alley, and then turn right into a parking lot that could be easy to miss. The entrance door has “Breathe” on it because most of the building is rented by Breathe Pilates. Wildfire Yoga is just one fairly large room in the building.

Since it was simply a room in a larger building, this means that there aren’t any amenities like showers. There were the typical square cubbies that you could put your stuff in, ones that look like they could have come from Ikea. Of course, since it’s just a room there’s not really any worry about someone stealing your stuff, since you’d be able to see them doing it!

If you don’t have yoga equipment, you can use the props that the studio has. I had a yoga mat, but I didn’t bring it, so this was great for me. And of course there were bands, blankets, and yoga blocks provided.

The Class:

The teacher started the class with the mantra, “I am here. I am open. I am surrendering.” She reminded us of this throughout the class, and really focused on it in the end. Although I’m not a fan of yoga classes with a specific intention given by the teacher, this one wasn’t too bad! It made me thing of my own Catholic faith and different mysteries I pray during the rosary actually.

The fact that it’s a single room means this was a smaller class size. There were only about eight people there. Although we may have been able to squeeze a few more people, I’m glad we didn’t have to.

The teacher described the class as more than a vinyasa flow. Which turned out to mean that there were a lot of strength-based movements between every vinyasa. There was also a lot of time between the strength movement and the vinyasa to practice crow pose. Some of the strength-based movements I remember are: Warrior 2 to triangle pose, Warrior 3, knee to chest, knee to elbow, knee to wrist, side plank, and chair pose.

Once nice touch was the option of getting a drop of lavender oil in your palms during the savasana. I didn’t take that option, but from the teacher’s movement around the studio it sounds like a lot of people did want it! There was also a gong at the end of the class!

One last thing to note was the music. It wasn’t typical music, but it wasn’t quite Top 40 music, either. It was definitely more in line with the latter, though, which I love! I push myself so much more with upbeat music than I do with the typical calm yoga music. :-P

Best for:

Students who want

  1. a lot of individual attention.

  2. to work on a specific pose.

  3. to build a community of yogis who can help and encourage them in their practice.

Skip it if:

You just take yoga classes for the exercise and flexibility and aren’t as concerned about improving your practice.

Have you been to Wildfire Yoga? What did you think of this review? Let me know in the comments below!

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