Class Review: Pure Barre at Pure Barre Lexington

This review takes me back to my days in Los Angeles. When I was able to use Classpass out there, Pure Barre was one of the classes I tried! It was interesting to see how far along I’ve come in the years since. I could definitely tell that I had gotten stronger since my last Pure Barre class all those years ago!

The Scoop:

Pure Barre is a chain, so there are locations all over the country. But according to this article, Lexington's Pure Barre was the first freestanding Pure Barre gym in the nation! Very cool.

Disclaimer: I try really hard to keep my own opinions out of these reviews because what works for me might not work for you. I’m just here to give you an un-biased look at what a class entails and you can decide if it works for you. I want you to get out and EXPLORE Lexington - by sweating in it. That being said, I will always let you know what I thought of a workout if you ask me directly.

Now let’s get to it.

The Deets:

Pure Barre at Pure Barre Lexington

867 E High St #150, Lexington, KY 40502

Website || Facebook || Instagram

First class is $10. Drop-in is $20. Then there are different class package options.

There are lots of different chances to take the Pure Barre class on any given day. There are also two other type of classes: Reform and Empower. I decided to take the Pure Barre one because it’s the OG!

The Studio:

This studio is in Chevy Chase, so I imagine that parking can be an issue. I arrived really early since it was my first time and I needed to fill out waivers and such. So I found a spot easily. But if you’re someone who typically arrives to a class right when it starts…you might need to add some walking time in.

When you first walk in you see merchandise, and the desk is right behind that. Then you keep walking into a hallway, there there’s a bench and cubbies that you can put your stuff into. No locks or anything though, if that’s what you prefer. The restrooms were also in this area, but there weren’t any showers that I remember.

Past this area is the actual studio. It’s just a typical dance studio space, with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and dance bars along the sides. there was also one small pillar in the middle of the room with dance bars. Apparently these bars are at different levels. The ones on the right side are shorter than the ones on the left side. Since I assume that shorter bars would mean it would be harder, I went over to the highest bar. :-P

Since it was my first time in a long time (I don’t even really remember my Los Angeles class that much except for the pain haha), the woman at the desk set me up with my equipment. I got stretchy bands for my legs and arms, a small ball, and the smallest weights (I think they were 2.5 pounds). She also gave me the largest weights, but since they were 5 pounds and I knew we’d be doing really high reps, I put those back. ;)

The Class:

Class started in the middle of the floor, not at the bars. The warmup was planks and pushups, and then it was arm work. I managed to get through the small, isometric movements for a few seconds before having to stop. If you think the low weights in these sort of classes aren’t hard, you clearly haven’t taken the class! We also did a few ab moves before moving to the bar.

The bar section of the class really targets the thighs and glutes. So you wrap the resistance band around your ankles and move up and down, then you move it up to above your knees and pulse. It sounds simple, but trust me…it really does burn. There’s also points where you pulse backwards with the resistance band on, which really got my butt screaming.

The final bit is still at the bar, but it’s another ab segment. It was so interesting to do typical ab movements with your feet pressed against a bar. It didn’t make it any easier, but it was cool to have a slightly different movement. I felt like I got to work my legs a bit more, too!

Since this is a chain, it makes sense that the class wasn’t as small as some of the studios I’ve been to. I didn’t count, but from what I remember there were about twenty people in the class. Unlike a class that doesn’t require much equipment (like Zumba perhaps) it is limited by how many people can fit at the bar during the last half of class. So I would say this class size wasn’t small, but it wasn’t too huge either.

The music was upbeat pop music. I remember a few songs like Jason Derulo and other Top 40 stuff. But even though sometimes the movements were set to the musical beats, other times we sort of went at a different tempo. So I don’t think the music matters as much for this class.

Most moves in this 55-minute class happen within an inch of space. The tucks and bends and shifts are so small that you tuck tinily and scoop internally. I think it was a bit difficult for me to even know if I was doing it right because of that. I know there was a foundations class after the one I went to, so maybe I should have gone to that! It might be a good idea for you to take that instead of this one if you, like me, are not familiar with dancer’s movements.

Best for:

Students who want fine-tuning for their bodies. Specifically, if you want to get long and lean without bulking up.

Skip it if:

You want to gain functional strength and/or get your heart revved up.

Have you been to Pure Barre Lexington? What did you think of this review? Let me know in the comments below!

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