Why Embracing Embarrassment Is the Gateway to Growth

We aren’t generally seeking out moments where we can embarrass ourselves. But, what if, every time we did have an awkward experience, we invited it in, welcomed it, and sat with it for a while? The idea of embracing moments of embarrassment may sound odd—not to mention very uncomfortable—but hear me out.

I started thinking about this a few weeks ago. At the time, I came home and cried after what seemed like one of the most embarrassing nights of my life. I couldn’t stop replaying everything I wish I had done differently. Then, of course, my anxiety reared its ugly head and brought up other similar embarrassing moments from my life for me to ruminate over once again.

Before my mind could spiral into despair, I slowed down my thoughts and remembered a few things I’ve learned in therapy in the past and through listening to experts like Brene Brown, that have allowed me in the past to handle embarrassment with grace.

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Johnna Wilford