Affordable Coaching

For every budget

When you hire me as your coach, I will assist you in connecting the dots between who you are, and who you want to be. Together over three months, we will take small steps that will help you succeed in whichever area of health + wellness you are hoping to change. I specialize in working with clients to address the areas of: running & fitness, hormones & reproductive health, stress management and life satisfaction.



You’ll take a wellness assessment that tells us what’s going on in your body and life. This test will provide a comprehensive view of all of the aspects of your health + wellness, including: social connections, lifestyle habits, stress, mental health, and life satisfaction. I will analyze your results and explain them to you in terms you actually understand.


You’ll meet with me to talk about the results of your wellness assessment and to discuss next steps. Your strategy session with me is 60 minutes long and results in a personalized plan based on your goals, experience, and current ability.


I will help you start changing the area(s) or topic(s) that we determine is your biggest priority. You’ll meet with me over 3 months for 30 minutes each session so that you can make improvements, step by step. These sessions will enable you to discover your personal health + wellness blueprint, and to achieve exceptional results (even in the face of challenges).

Interested in reaching your full potential?