Get Moving!

With all that we have to juggle in our busy lives, how can we fit in exercise?

In this interactive workshop, Johnna will teach your audience how to apply behavioral science principles to create practical solutions to their barriers to physical activity. Participants will leave the webinar with one or two realistic goals around physical activity, as well as with a handful of fitness moves they can do anytime, anywhere.

Women’s Health

The Menstrual Cycle: What’s Normal & What’s Not

Johnna will shed new light on the often glossed-over area of women’s health: the menstrual cycle.

Johnna will address what’s normal and not about the female reproductive system, as well as teach your audience the health behaviors that impact the cycle and reproductive health.

Introduction to Fertility Awareness

What exactly is fertility awareness?

Johnna explains what fertility awareness is, how and why it works, and why people may choose to use it for their family planning.


Preventing Burnout

What is burnout? How do you know that you have it? How does it affect your health?

Join Johnna in this hour-long workshop to learn about the dreaded burnout. Johnna will offer prevention recommendations, as well as intervention strategies.

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